CyberGhost VPN Review

CyberGhost is a zero-logs VPN that offers excellent speeds and lots of strong privacy features. There’s fast access to Netflix and other streaming sites on servers optimized for HD video and the new native app for the Amazon Fire TV Stick is a great addition.

CyberGhost is a zero-logs VPN that offers excellent speeds and lots of strong privacy features. There’s fast access to Netflix and other streaming sites on servers optimized for HD video and the new native app for the Amazon Fire TV Stick is a great addition.

For the privacy-minded, CyberGhost is one of the best providers out there. None of your online activity is logged, while it only monitors the number of people connected to each server to ensure high levels of performance. A top choice all-round.

CyberGhost offers a range of pricing plans, all of which include the same features but get cheaper on a monthly basis, leaving you to focus solely on the price.

CyberGhost offers both a 45-day money-back guarantee and a one-day free trial (or seven days for mobile devices). The money-back guarantee is one of the longest we’ve come across, but it’s worth noting that it only applies to subscriptions of six months or longer – one-month subscriptions have a 14-day guarantee.

There are no hidden catches or restrictions. Your card will be charged when you first sign up but refunds are processed in 5-10 working days.

The free trial grants you the full VPN experience with no personal or payment details asked for. A handy pop-up will remind you of your remaining runtime every time you use the service.

The cost of a one-month plan is $12.99. You can save money by purchasing a plan for a longer interval. A one year plan is $63, two years is $88.56 and three years is $89.99. The best value is the three-year plan. The service can be tried for one month prior to making a longer commitment. The service can be paid for using a credit card, PayPal or Bitcoin. The subscription enables the user to connect up to seven devices at the same time. This is an excellent value if the household has numerous devices.

Configuring the Router

Cyberghhost provides you with instructions for configuring a router to enable the individual to use the service. This is important. When VPN protection is used on the router, all of the traffic for every device in the network is secured. This includes smart devices that are unable to be individually configured. CyberGhost also allows P2P file sharing with BitTorrent via a VPN. The app marks the servers allowing torrenting.

CyberGhost VPN Review for Servers and Encryption

CyberGhost has servers made just for streaming. This enables the user to use their video streaming services without the need to turn off their VPN protection. This is the only VPN server allowing the use of the BBC player when not in the United Kingdom. The service also provides double encryption. This ensures encryption for the authentication connection and the VPN connection. This adds more security. This feature is a default for every subscriber.

VPN Protocols and Servers

OpenVPN is not supported for Windows, macOS and Android apps. The IPSec VPN protocol is used by the CyberGhost iOS app. This is generally preferable to OpenVPN because Apple does not use OpenVPN for any of its iOS apps.

The more VPN servers a company uses is an indication of the number of subscribers. When there are more servers, there are more subscribers. More servers are better because the distribution of the servers is evener. This makes it easier for the subscriber to locate an unburdened server. CyberGhost is one of the most impressive VPNs with 3,000 servers. The location of the VPN servers is varied. This provides more options for spoofing a location. The user also has a better chance of finding a server near their location.

CyberGhost offers eighty server locations in sixty countries. The servers in Africa are especially good considering most VPN companies almost ignore the continent. There are also servers in Hong Kong. CyberGhost rents servers in all of the locations where VPN access is offered. This is fairly unimportant since the location of virtual and physical servers are the same.

CyberGhost VPN Review for Privacy

CyberGhost protects its users from being exposed to danger during online activities. The policy of CyberGhhost is laid out in their privacy policy located at the bottom of the page. The VPN does not log user activity or know the identity of the users using the server. CyberGhost does not monitor available memory, CPU load, metadata or the server bandwidth used. The only revenue generated by the company is from customer subscriptions.

The offices of CyberGhost are in Tel Aviv, Manila and Germany. The headquarters are located in Romania and Bucharest. The company is operating under Romanian law. The Romanian government has rejected the legislation mandating companies to have electronic records for their subscribers. This means CyberGhost is not able to provide any information for legal requests. All of this is supported by the yearly transparency report.

The Installation of the Windows App

The windows app is easy to install. If the user misplaces their login information, a special key will be sent using their activation email. They will be prompted to use this key when logging in. If this key is also misplaced, the user must restore their account through the payment processor the company uses.

The app is responsive, slick and simple. The connect button is easy to see on the grey window. The pulldown menu under this button enables the subscriber to change their VPN location. Tapping the graph icon brings up analytics regarding the connection. The app is not difficult to understand. The settings panel can be expanded by clicking the yellow tab. This shows how many users are connected, the server load and the server locations available. The user can see specific servers, their location and add them to a favorites list. There are lists for torrenting and streaming servers.

CyberGhost VPN Review for Settings

There are settings for malicious site blocking, tracker blocking and ad blocking. Data compression can be enabled with an option to exempt specific websites from tunneling through a VPN. This is important for any activity that may potentially block VPN access and for streaming Netflix. The deeper settings offer advanced security features. This includes blocking IPv6 connections, changing the VPN protocol and connecting through a random port.

VPNs are blocked by streaming services and oppressive governments. This prevents the subscriber from accessing region-locked content. CyberGhost gets around this by enabling the user to make it look like they are in a different location. Even Netflix is unable to block CyberGhost. The company provides ad, tracker and malware blocking. There is even an option for enforcing HTTPS. The company offers No-Spy servers from on-site. This is meant for subscribers very concerned regarding who can access the VPN servers. This feature is offered to exclusive partners.

The Speed and Performance

One of the biggest concerns of the users is a VPN will substantially decrease the speed of web browsing. This results in a drop in download and upload speeds when a VPN is being used. CyberGhost has performed well in upload and latency tests. Latency was increased by 66.7 percent. CyberGhost stands up well when compared to the top VPN servers for both speed and performance. According to testing, CyberGhost is one of the fastest VPNs with the smallest drop in performance.

This does not mean the subscriber should select a VPN based strictly on speed. The overall value of the VPN, the cost and the features of the service are just as important if not more.

CyberGhost VPN Review for Other Platforms

CyberGhpst offers numerous apps including Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. There is support for Linux as well. The company scores well when compared to other platforms. This is particularly true of the iOS app. CyberGhost also has apps for Amazon Firestick and Android TV. The company provides an extension for Chrome proxy. This disguises the location of the user through the IP address. The browser traffic is secured, but not in the same way when using the CyberGhost app.

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Streaming and Torrenting

CyberGhost is one of our top picks for easy access to popular streaming sites. Watching Netflix is made incredibly simple with dedicated streaming servers, which connect you to the best location. In all our recent tests we are yet to experience any issues with Netflix whatsoever. Accessing BBC iPlayer is often as easy as connecting to the dedicated server, which saves you from testing all of the UK locations to see which ones are working. Unfortunately, we found BBC iPlayer to be accessible one day and blocked the next. Customer support described the situation as a ‘cat and mouse game’, with the BBC blocking IP addresses soon after CyberGhost adopts new ones.


  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 45 Day trial
  • No logging
  • Up to 7 devices at once
  • Over 3,500 servers

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