TorGuard VPN Review

TorGuard guarantees a 24x7x365 online support to the users through live chat as well as via an email ticket procedure. For experimental users, the company provides a vast FAQ and knowledge base section. There you can find information related to most of the common problems for more technical matters.

TorGuard is a big-name VPN and one that has a large user-base in the industry. The mid-range VPN is mostly preferred by users who want to unblock websites and bypass heavy censorships in sensitive regions. This is thanks to its extensive server network that is well distributed in over 55 countries, which implies users have plenty of server options to access. TorGuard also uses best-in-class encryption techniques and gives its subscribers plenty of security options. West Indies-based VPN doesn’t keep logs – despite its US location. In terms of pricing, TorGuard rewards users who purchase its long-term plans with substantial discounts. The speeds are reasonably fast, and it gives outstanding customer service.

Noteworthy, TorGuard derives its name from torrents, something that the VPN is best known for, thanks to its P2P support. Therefore, the term “Tor” is not in any way attributed to the Tor Project.

Quick Stats

Money-back guarantee7 days
Free trial period7 days
Allowed concurrent connections8 devices
Supported streaming servicesCWTV
No logs policyYes
P2P allowedYes
EncryptionAES 128-bit
Handshake encryption2048-bit RSA keys
VPN ProtocolsOpenVPN, IPSec, IKEv2, OpenConnect
Special featuresStealth servers, kill switch, BitTorrent, P2P allowed, DNS leak protection, Obfuscation tech
Customer support24/ 7 email ticketing
Server locations55+ countries
Number of servers3000+ servers
Supported devicesWindows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, Routers
VPN legal jurisdictionNevis, West Indies

TorGuard VPN Pricing and payment options

TorGuard Pricing

At the time of this review, TorGuard sells five anonymous VPN plans. All five give the same features and capabilities but have different rates and billing cycles. A highlight of their plans is the Quarterly plan, which costs $19.99, and renews every three months.

We managed to review all four package rates, and here’s how they compare:

  • Monthly plan – goes for $9.99 per month. Most priced plan, and not worth buying unless you want to try their service for less than a month.
  • Quarterly plan – sells at $19.99 every three months. Currently, the highlight package. This is also the most recommended plan. We suggest you consider it.
  • Semi-Annual plan – costs $29.99, billed every six months. Slightly expensive than the Quarterly package. You should only consider it if you’d rather pay once every six months.
  • Annual plan – comes at $59.99, charged every 12 months. This a double package of the semi-annual plan. We suggest you only consider it if you feel paying the quarterly plan is somewhat tedious. But we also advise against it.
  • Biennial plan – this is a 2-year package that goes for  $99.99, billed every 24 months. The plan is the latest addition by TorGuard, and it’s currently the cheapest deal from TorGuard. We strongly advise you to purchase it if you want a reasonable long-term deal from TorGuard.

TorGuard VPN Payment methods

TorGuard Payment Methods

TorGuard offers several payment methods. The VPN accepts all major credit/debit cards, CoinPayments, PaymentWall, AmazonPay, and Cryptocurrency. You can also pay using Gift Cards. Nonetheless, our highlight is the Bitcoin and Lithecoin cryptocurrency options. Thanks to this, you can easily make payments without giving your information.

TorGuard VPN 7-Day Free Trial

The Nervis-based VPN offers a 7-day risk-free trial. You can use the trial period to test TorGuard on every aspect we’ve covered on this review to determine if it’s worth your investment

TorGuard VPN 7-Day Money-back Guarantee

TorGuard also gives a no-fuss 7-day money-back guarantee. You qualify for this refund policy whenever you purchase a premium anonymous VPN plan. Noteworthy, most top and mid-range VPNs in the industry provide up to 30 days on their money-back guarantee deal. And while this might be a downside on TorGuard, 7 days is quite sufficient to try their VPN service. Keep in mind that you can cancel any time before the 7-day period is over. Moreover, you don’t qualify for the money-back guarantee on dedicated IP purchases.

Note: TorGuard cautions that if your Cryptocurrency as a mode of payment. The value of the Bitcoin or Lithecoin will determine how much you receive as a refund. Their reason, Cryptocurrencies are always at a risk of value fluctuation, considering they are not controlled by any government body.

TorGuard VPN Server coverage

TorGuard Servers

TorGuard uses 3K+ Gigabit servers with unlimited bandwidth on its VPN and proxy network. The VPN also boasts a vast server infrastructure of 3000+ servers in over 55 countries around the world. The servers are evenly distributed in Europe, Asia, Oceania, North and South America. TorGuard also has a decent distribution in Africa – a recent trend among VPNs currently spreading to most parts of Africa.

TorGuard VPN Features

Stealth servers

TorGuard gives you the option to use stealth servers that can allow you to stay clear of deep packet inspection. This means you can use apps like Dropbox, VoIP various Google products for your business, undetected. The feature works by masking the VPN traffic to appear like regular HTTPS traffic and avoid detection.


TorGuard also gives you an adblocker feature on both your mobile and desktop apps. Most software and apps use ad-tracking to steal your data and sell it to third parties. Once they have your information, they can send you annoying, unending ads. TorGuard gives you an option to block ads from displaying on your gadget. Ads also reduce your internet speeds; therefore, blocking them means a massive boost to your connection speeds.

Anonymous VPN IP

TorGuard gives you a  way to hide your identity and mask your location through its anonymous VPN IP feature. Every time you surf the internet, Ads websites, ISPs, and more track your IP address and end up reading your information. An anonymous VPN IP helps you stay clear of prying eyes, and ensure your identity remains private and secure.

TorGuard VPN Privacy and security


TorGuard is a VPN registered and operates from the US. On paper, this means that the US government has the legal authority to subpoena TorGuard to share information without informing its users. Unfortunately, these data retention laws affect all US-based companies, something that makes the region a chancy location for privacy-focused service providers like VPNs.

Nonetheless, TorGuard states in its privacy policy that it doesn’t store user information nor connection logs. This means that they observe a strict no-logs policy – an excellent selling point. Therefore, even if the government were to demand user data, TorGuard won’t have any information noteworthy to share. TorGuard only keeps billing information, something you can avoid by using the cryptocurrency option.

TorGuard is also keen to address its US jurisdiction situation. Here’s the statement:

 “Our legal representation at the moment is comfortable with the current corporate structuring in the US; however, we wouldn’t hesitate to move all assets internationally should the ground shift beneath our feet. All of the main billing infrastructure, authentication servers, and engineering staff are already located internationally.”


Unlike most top and mid-range VPNs, TorGuard uses the AES 128-bit encryption by default. But if you’d instead use more advanced encryption, the desktop client allows you to upgrade to the AES 256-bit advanced encryption. You can easily make the change on the home page of the desktop app. Both encryption levels are quite safe to use, but you’ll get an extra layer of security with the 256-bit option – reduced speeds, though.

TorGuard also offers several security options, including the SHA1, SHA256, and SHA512 authentication keys. All keys work well alongside the 2048-bit RSA keys, coupled with Perfect Forward Secrecy. We also predict that TorGuard might do away with the SHA1 authentication key soon.

In terms of connection protocols, TorGuard gives OpenVPN and OpenConnect on its desktop client. Notably, OpenConnect is an SSL VPN high priority tech by TorGuard. According to the US-based VPN, OpenConnect gives an excellent balance of top speeds, security, and maximum bandwidth. The mobile app-only offers both IPSec and IKEv2 protocols.

TorGuard VPN Performance

We had a satisfactory experience using TorGuard. While the mobile app works seamlessly, we experienced some minor issues using the desktop client. For instance, we had to restart before we could connect successfully to a server in the UK. But the overall usage was great.

TorGuard Speed Test

In terms of speeds, TorGuard registered somewhat reduced speeds. However, we can attribute the reduced speeds to the massive encryption techniques the VPN uses. But if you want to experience maximum, you have to use light encryptions, like the AES 128-bit technique.

We used an online speed test tool to learn how TorGuard compares to its competitors, in terms of connection speeds. We conducted random tests while connected to several servers around the world. We also tried to switch protocols and encryption levels to see how they compare.

Here’s our benchmark result without a VPN connection:

Here’s our first VPN speed-test result, after we connected to a nearby server using the 128-bit encryption in NewZealand:

We also adjusted to the 256-bit encryption tested the speeds on the same server in Auckland, NewZealand. Here’s what we got:

Our third speed-test displays the result we got after connecting to a distant server via the OpenConnect protocol (Server in the UK):

We also connected to a server in Vancouver, Canada via OpenVPN as well as the 256-bit encryption, and here’s what we recorded:

Finally, we tested a random server in the US, and here’s the result:

We recorded surprisingly fast speeds when we tested a random US server. And considering TorGuard supports P2P filesharing and uses advanced encryption techniques, we think they performed well. However, we predict the speeds are only going to improve with time. Please check back for more updates.

TorGuard VPN Ease of use

TorGuard Ease of Use

TorGuard sports a somewhat busy website homepage. The website identifies with the VPN’s famous words, “Online Privacy Protection Services.” TorGuard has heavily invested in its security and privacy infrastructure; as such, they can promise reliable protection when browsing the internet.

Unfortunately, we disliked its strategy to sell other security products, like emails and proxy addresses. We’d prefer TorGuard to focus on the VPN as a product – something that will help first-users get around th website quickly. Otherwise, overall, the website design is excellent, and you can find useful information on the landing page.

Getting started

Getting started with TorGuard takes less than seven minutes. You can use any of the two buttons on the home page to register, including “Join Now,” and “Get TorGuard Now.” It’s the same drill for all VPNs. Select your preferred premium plan, enter your email and password, choose your payment method, and finish. Download the dedicated app that supports your device and log in to start.

TorGuard Client apps

Desktop client

TorGuard Desktop App

When you open the desktop client, you’ll see the home page. The window sports several connections and security features. You’re free to tweak the setting options. However, if you’re not an advanced user, we suggest you use the default settings. Noteworthy, the desktop scored low ratings, considering the app uses dated aesthetics.

Luckily the app is easy to navigate. For example, if you click the “Connect” button for the first time, a login page will appear. Once you’ve entered your login details, you’ll be redirected back to the initial page where you can connect to a server of your choice. Optionally, if you click the Connect button, TorGuard connects you to the best available server. The connect and disconnect processes takes about ten seconds.

The server page displays a list of servers TorGuard offers. You can choose to use the filter options. However, noteworthy, TorGuard no longer identifies stealth servers on the server list. This brings controversy, given the VPN says they still offer stealth servers on their website.

If you’re an advanced VPN user, we think you’ll love TorGuard’s settings page. The app gives you a ton of features on seven different tabs, including General, App kill, Scripts, Network, Proxy, Servers, and Debug.

TorGuard Settings

Note: TorGuard setting options can be overwhelming if you’re a first-time VPN user. We suggest you rely on the VPN’s customer support to ensure you get it right. Optionally, you can use the preset settings  – we can confirm that they work exceptionally well.

Mobile client app

TorGuard Mobile App

TorGuard’s mobile app has an excellent design, and the user interface is also one of the best. Unlike the desktop client, you can easily navigate through the app. Once you’re done installing, enter the login details to start. Click on the green Connect button to access the best available server. Alternatively, click on the server name displayed at the center of the home page to access the server list. Sadly, the app doesn’t offer many settings options.

TorGuard VPN Compatibility

TorGuard VPN Compatibility with streaming services

Unfortunately, we were unable to unblock most streaming services, including Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and more. These giant streaming outlets use potent tools that can identify universal IP addresses used by most VPNs. Although we were able to go around the geo-restrictions of CWTV and enjoyed some TV shows strictly available in the US only.

Note: We advise you to try purchasing TorGuard’s dedicated IPs. We think you can have better luck overcoming the heavy geo-restrictions.

TorGuard BBC iPlayer

TorGuard VPN Compatibility with torrenting

TorGuard supports P2P filesharing. This means you can bank on TorGuard to unblock most torrenting libraries around the world. And considering the VPN’s substantial investment in security, you can access torrent files without looking over your shoulder.

TorGuard VPN Compatibility in China

According to TorGuard, the VPN works well in China. The VPN has put in a lot of resources to ensure they can overcome the heavy censorships and robust firewalls of censorship-prone regions like China. TorGuard advises you to use their stealth servers if you want to get past the massive firewalls of China. Ideally, stealth servers can pass Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) used by most ISPs in China and other heavily censored regions.

However, these claims have recently become a bit fuzzy to prove. TorGuard no longer identifies stealth servers on its desktop app. Nonetheless, we think you can use the Hong Kong server to get around the restrictions in China. You can also try using the proxy feature on the settings window to improve your chances.

TorGuard VPN Customer support

TorGuard Customer Support

Running into trouble while using TorGuard is common. If you find yourself in these technical difficulties, we suggest you visit their help center. To access the page bottom of the website, click Support Center.

Once you’re on the customer support page, you can access a ton of material and several support options, including a search bar, FAQs, knowledgebase, community forum, and a ticketing system [contact us]. You can also open their YouTube channel, which has up-to-date video tutorials about various tricks you can use to improve VPN experience. If you’d instead learn the experience of other TorGuard users, the community forum is your best bet.

TorGuard YouTube Channel

Unfortunately, TorGuard doesn’t have LiveChat support service. Instead, you have to rely on its Email support if you wish to chat with the customer support agents directly. They took less than 30 minutes to respond to our email. Alternatively, TorGuard advises you to try their social media channels for faster replies.

Bottom line


  • Solid security
  • Absolute zero logs
  • Fast speeds
  • Optimised for torrenting
  • Multiple settings options
  • P2P filesharing
  • Works in China
  • 24/7 Customer support


  • Fairly expensive
  • Lacks the LiveChat tool
  • Doesn’t unblock Netflix and other streaming services
  • Dated desktop app

The incident

Recently, TorGuard received a lawsuit from about stealing its original code. And while this might not seem like a huge problem, the problem – according to – TorGuard failed to copy the code correctly, something that exposed its users in terms of security. According to TorGuard, they had no consent on the error, and stated that a third-party audit had given them a green light on the situation. The VPN also continued to say that they resolved the issue fast-enough and restored top-notch security and privacy of its users.

You’ll also be pleased to know that since the incident, TorGuard owns and runs its servers – without involving third parties. This is a tremendous assurance to its users and a big plus in terms of marketing.


TorGuard’s main target is advanced users, as well as torrent lovers. It offer of several settings options in the desktop app is prove enough. The VPN also provides a long list of servers that support P2P filesharing. We also tested their their performance and speeds, and the results were impressive. However, if you want to add the encryption and use advanced protocols like OpenVPN, you’ll have to compromise on security.

TorGuard doesn’t unblock some of the most popular streaming services – a bit of a downside to their service. The VPN works well in China, something to cheer you. Finally, TorGuard is compatible with all major platforms and supports most devices.

Therefore, we think TorGuard is an excellent investment if you fancy advanced VPN security. Torrent lovers can also enjoy the benefits of the VPN. But streamers have to look elsewhere.

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Compatable with:


Apple iOS



Privacy Protection

For BitTorrent plan users, TorGuard provides private IP address and anonymous torrent proxy for safe sharing of files. In the VPN plans, the company makes use of DNS leak protection and 256-bit encryption techniques and provides complete safety to the users.


  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 7-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Easy VPN apps
  • Professional security options
  • Stealth VPN protocols
  • Surf the web without restrictions

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