UltraVPN Review

Quick, easy, powerful and affordable. This is a great VPN if you're looking for value, speed, access and ease of use. We highly reccomend this VPN for anyone starting out, right through to those that have been using a VPN for years - from mobile to desktop, it has you covered.

The ever changing world of VPNs is overflowing with providers with similar surface specs, but a closer look under their hoods reveals some major differences. So, how does Ultra VPN stack up against other VPN providers?

At face value, Ultra VPN looks like a winner. It has a sleek, well-done website, global server network, good encryption, and P2P compatibility, and it follows a “no logging” policy. With a user-friendly app, helpful support, and a 30-day money-back guarantee as well, all the initial signs point to Ultra VPN being a solid bet.

However, no VPN is perfect and even apparent winners need a closer inspection, and that’s what we do in this Ultra VPN review.

Ultra VPN at a Glance:

• Location – U.S.
• # of server countries – 58
• # of servers – Over 100
• Encryption – AES-256
• VPN protocol – OpenVPN
• P2P allowed – Yes
• Cost – $3.75/month with annual billing

Privacy and Security

UltraVPN does pretty well when it comes to security features. In fact, it’s equipped with:

• Highly secure OpenVPN tunneling protocol

• A secure Firewall feature to put up an extra barrier of protection between local networks and the World Wide Web

• Uncrackable military-grade 256-Bit AES encryption

• Active DNS leak protection to mask your identity at all times

• A kill switch to stop all traffic should the VPN connection fail

Despite all of these encouraging privacy and security features, Ultra VPN doesn’t offer a Stealth VPN setting, which makes it less reliable in China and countries with similar regimes. Since a Stealth VPN mode can conceal the fact that you’re using a VPN, it’s a nice tool for adding an extra dimension of privacy.

Ultra VPN also lacks certain bonus features like multi-hop or Tor over VPN, which are standard with some VPN providers. Although this definitely doesn’t make Ultra VPN an unsafe provider, it does drag its service a notch below some of the other VPNs out there today.

Does Ultra VPN Follow a No-Logging Policy?

Like any VPN worth their salt, Ultra VPN doesn’t keep logs of their customer activity, so there would be nothing to turn over in the event of a subpoena. However, there are some issues with its Privacy Policy.

For example, according to the policy, Network Protect, which is Ultra VPN’s parent company, collects the names, telephone numbers, and email addresses of its users when they create an account.

For those keen on privacy, this is a red flag. Many VPNs don’t require any of this information. In fact, most only require an email address.

Network Protect is also based in the U.S., which is a 5/9/14-Eyes country and not exactly a privacy-friendly jurisdiction.

Performance and Speed

Ultra VPN claims they don’t put caps on bandwidth, which should be encouraging from a speed perspective. However, after putting it through the paces, the outcomes were varied according to our proximity to their servers. All in all, Ultra VPN’s speeds could be described as average, or good at best.

Server Locations and Coverage

Ultra VPN’s server network is quite small compared to ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and other industry giants with thousands of servers in dozens of countries. With a little more than 100 “superfast” servers in 14 locations around the world, they’ve clearly taken the less is more approach.

Over half of Ultra VPN’s servers are in North America, followed by Europe with 20, Asia with 17, South America with 13, Africa with 9, and Oceania with 7. So, it’s clear the company’s focus is on North America and Europe.

That said, there are some convenient server locations in South Africa, Greece, and Indonesia with large populations and very few VPNs in place from other networks.

Using Ultra VPN

You can download the Ultra VPN app on a variety of devices, including:

• Android
• iOS
• Windows
• Mac
• Amazon Fire TV

In addition to being available on a wide-range of devices, the clients are also compatible with several rather antiquated operating systems most modern VPNs simply overlook. This makes Ultra VPN a viable option for a greater number of users.

When starting up the desktop client or mobile app, a standard map will appear displaying the server locations, including the specialized P2P servers. From here, the Kill Switch can also be accessed and engaged if need be.

When connecting, a speed reading is immediately given, making it easy to search for servers with the best performance. Netflix users can also benefit from a separate browser add-on, making it easier to connect to the streaming service.

However, Ultra VPN’s configuration options are pretty rudimentary. It also lacks a Linux client, which may be disappointing for users focused on security.

Does Ultra VPN Work with Netflix?

Getting around the geo-blocking measures of Netflix and other streaming services is one of the primary reasons more and more people are installing VPNs today. Fortunately, Ultra VPN performs quite well in this area.

Not only does it allow users in the US to access Netflix with no trouble at all, but thanks to the neat “Ultra Fix” feature, users outside the US can easily access US Netflix as well. In fact, the feature automatically assigns the best Netflix server for accessing US Netflix content based on your location. This is great for globetrotting travelers.

Ultra VPN is able to work around the blocking mechanisms of Hulu, Amazon Fire, and other streaming platforms as well, making it a solid option for anyone wanting to enjoy all of their favorite TV and movie entertainment when away from home.

P2P and Torrenting

Ultra VPN also shines in this area. In addition to great security features like a Kill Switch and DNS leak protection, they also offer access to several P2P servers dedicated to nothing but torrenting.

However, as mentioned, the US-based hosting provider isn’t known for being the most privacy-friendly. Ultimately, people who torrent want security from legal snooping, but Ultra VPN may not provide the security they seek.

Customer Support

Ultra VPN leaves little to be desired in the customer service and support department. They offer direct phone support, live chat support, email contact forms, and an extensive knowledgebase filled with pertinent articles and FAQs.

Pricing Plans

Ultra VPN offers a few different pricing plans:

• Monthly plan at $7.99 per month
• Bi-Annual plan at $5.99 per month
• Annual plan at $3.75 per month

These prices are pretty competitive, especially when you factor in the other discounts they periodically run throughout the year. With a 30-day money-back guarantee as well, there’s no reason not to give Ultra VPN a go.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of VPNs trying to make a name for themselves in today’s growing market. Ultra VPN is better than most, but as you’ve learned in this Ultra VPN review, there are still some weaknesses to consider. Its encryption, leak protection, speed, Netflix access, and pricing are all solid, but a small server network and some privacy concerns definitely hold it back.

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Multiple Servers

Another great thing about UltraVPN is the number of servers it has, and they are positioned all around the world. You can pick which ever one you wish, and off you go!


  • Fast and unlimited VPN access
  • Encryption is virtually uncrackable
  • Your VPN is unlimited and unrestricted
  • Global Server Network

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