Virtual Shield VPN Review

Virtual Shield can be set up on any device, and it works on every big platform - from mobile, to desktop, and even some server set ups. It will make sure that you're hidden when you need it most, and keep you browsing the net anonymously.

Virtual Shield is a virtual private network (VPN) enabling the user to anonymously and safely browse the web. Virtual Shield was designed to provide privacy and complete protection for surfing on the web. The network is fast, reliable and secure. A paid subscription is required with a maximum of six options for automatically renewing the subscription for one to twelve months. When Virtual Shield is being used, traffic can be routed using secure and encrypted servers. This effectively bypasses any restrictions, censorship or blocks due to the activities or internet connection.

The network provides full security for the user’s data. The encryption used for protection against major corporations, hackers and third parties is up to 256 bit. This enables the user to surf the web with confidence when using a public Wi-Fi hotspot. The identity of the user is safeguarded easily on the network. Virtual Shield has become known for protecting both web browsers and browsing history. The VPN network is capable of protecting numerous activities such as banking, emails, conversations and passwords.

When the user is on the network, they can be confident their online activities are being safeguarded. Virtual Shield is compatible with Windows, iOS and Android. Torrents can be downloaded using this VPN.

Installing Virtual Shield

This is one of the most convenient VPNs to use. Virtual Shield can be registered and installed using several different platforms. This includes using the VPN as an online browser extension for Chrome, Firefox and Opera. The process begins with the creation of a user name and password. The app can be easily downloaded from the app store or the website. This enables the user to begin using the VPN immediately. There are no complicated instructions to follow or any internet settings to change. This is an excellent VPN for beginners because there is no learning curve.

The VPN is easy to use and not intimidating. The software for the standard package can be used in twelve different locations. These are the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Australia, Singapore, India, Serbia, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and Japan. The user can set up Virtual Shield on any device. The VPN will work on all of the big platforms. This includes Windows, Chrome Plugin, Opera Plugin, the iOS App, MacOS, Firefox Plugin and the Android App. The VPN can be used for several different operating systems and devices to safeguard all of the users on the network.

The Virtual Shield VPN offers a trial period for a full thirty days with a money-back guarantee and no questions asked. The auto-renewal feature enables the user to easily manage their subscription. This can be deactivated after purchase by going to account settings. The user can choose from two different ports. This is especially useful for networks blocking specific ports. The ports are the TCP (Port 110) and UDP (Port 1194).

Virtual Shield Encryption

The Wi-Fi network has been completely encrypted to make certain protection is provided for all public networks. The wireless connection can be completely encrypted by the network. This blocks everyone including hackers from having access to any of the user’s data or from eavesdropping on any activities being conducted on the web. The majority of the technical work is taken care of by the VPN.

The best settings are chosen automatically for both the device and the area. Some of the tunneling protocols are also chosen automatically for different devices. Virtual Shield is capable of protecting multiple devices. There are plans to enable families and businesses to connect at the same time to a secure network.

Virtual Shield Customer Support

Customer service is provided 24/7 using live chat and email. The customer support staff are polite, friendly and efficiently handle any questions or concerns. An online support request can be submitted by using the contact information on the company website or the app. A support ticket will be issued so the support staff can contact the user to provide any required technical assistance. The Virtual Shield Support Screenshot section is available through the website. This is a good resource for learning how to use the VPN or for finding answers to the most common issues.

The online profiles offer additional information regarding the network on social networking sites including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. This is a reputable VPN company ensuring complete protection for the users with the terms of service being 100 percent legal. The interests of the users are protected through the affiliate terms and conditions and the privacy policy.

Virtual Shield Speed

The network is reliable with extremely fast servers. A high-speed connection is offered through the premium bandwidth for surfing the web safely. The private network protects sent and received emails in addition to all activities requiring the internet. Connections with the VPN servers are quick and easy. A connection can be made to all public Wi-Fi Hotspots including airports, hotels and cafes. The internet can be accessed while traveling. Full security is provided for online purchases. VPN locations are available in America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

The Advantages of Virtual Shield

• Virtual Shield is easy to download for all top operating systems including Windows, Android and iOS. The VPN is compatible with all of the current top browsers such as Firefox, Chrome and Opera.

• The VPN is ideal for business or casual activities such as booking a flight, using VOIP, making hotel reservations and writing or reading emails.

• Virtual Shield has locations across America, Europe, Asia and Australia for connections anywhere a public Wi-Fi hotspot is available.

• The VPN offers users unlimited high-speed bandwidth and high-speed servers for surfing the web.

• The app is easy to use with customer support available 24/7 through live chat or email. No technical knowledge is necessary to use Virtual Shield.

• The website network is extremely easy to understand and navigate. Virtual Shield is currently offering new customers a free trial period for a full thirty days with no questions asked. This is especially useful for individuals skeptical about purchasing any new services or products. This provides the individual with the ability to try out and test the VPN prior to having to pay for using the service. The longer trial period gives the individual more than enough time to thoroughly evaluate the capabilities of the VPN. If the individual decides not to continue after the thirty-day trial, they will not be charged.

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How easy to install?

This is one of the most conveniently usable VPNs to be found today. You can register easily and install it on various platforms. It is easy to use it as an extension on online browsers such as Chrome, Opera and Firefox. After creating a user name and choosing a password, you can download the app easily from the website or from the app store and instantly start using the VPN. There are no complex set of instructions offered by this VPN to fiddle with the Internet settings of your device. You can start using it immediately without the need to overcome any learning curve. This is a very non-intimidating and easy to use VPN product.


  • Works on every big platform
  • Allows for torrents
  • Great Speed Test
  • Intuitive to Use
  • 19 Servers

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