Zenmate Review

Operating under the ZenGuard umbrella, ZenMate has certainly come a long way since its launch in 2013, from a simple proxy service to a full-blown VPN provider. It now offers plenty of options for different users, especially beginners.

The idea of creating traffic redirect and security increases is becoming a populated behavior. When you connect to your internet service provider, you put your information at risk. This information is shared with different agencies and governing bodies, spelling your sourcing to be riddled with advertisements and redirection. This redirection is completely legalized as the connection to your internet service provider becomes a binding contract. The VPN procedure is to work around these redirects and create an established server for you to privatize your content. A VPN is used to create a platform for your internet traffic that is private. It encrypts all of your data that is sent or received on a secure platform, reducing the need to have pop-ups and other unwanted advertisements obstructing your view. Our Zenmate VPN review takes a detailed look at the functionality of this private server and describes some of the benefits of utilizing this VPN to secure your internet service provider.

Zenmate Features

When it comes to competing in the world of VPN, it is all about capabilities and speeds. The primary functions of a VPN are put to the test with a few different coverage exams. These exams work to prescribe the areas of benefit that this VPN excels. Zenmate is known for its ease of use. Connecting to a private source is made easy with the many different Zenmate formats. The free streaming option helps you to reach access points without any additional pay codes. The paid service offers additional protections, but it not necessary to gain the full amount of usage from the program. The main difference between the free and paid service is that the paid service comes with a streaming guarantee. This guarantee protects users from an outage. If an outage was to occur, Zenmate would offer a complete back-up network that can restore service and recover any lost documents or files. Zenmate ignores the cloud-based servicing techniques of old to offer the highest versions of capabilities. These capabilities allow for the prime usage of streaming services. When it comes to the companies that Zenmate works with, there are many top sources to be attained. Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, and other such meccas are at the top of the streaming services offered through the Zenmate brand. The company worked to develop additional streaming profiles to increase the scope of usage for its users. Partner this with the streaming guarantee and you have a service that goes to bat for you in all settings.

Operating in over 30 countries, consistency becomes a necessity. The military-grade servers that are owned and operated by Zenmate consistently receive updates to ensure proper functionality. These servers are partnered with high security features that prevents threats. Most of the threat is discovered when applying for use via an unsecured network. Many of the most popular search engines keep these security claims intact, but going outside of scope can pose a threat. The user content is protected via highly encrypted sources that ensure the safe travel of information. They also keep information from being headlined with proprietary network searches. Getting your name off the list of inclusions for agency view allows you to stream with ease.

Speed is one of the most important feature offered within a VPN. Zenmate works with private servers all across the country, creating connectivity advances for all streaming types. When a user wishes to connect with content that is available in a certain region, they have to use that region’s servers to emit a positive connection. Zenmate operates and owns hundreds of servers in prime locations, reducing the need to search for the proper fit of connectivity. This direct connect format also reduces any instance of redirect. When you can go to the primary source without having to bypass multiple sources along the way, you can better hold a positive connection that will hold its speeds and productivity. When compared to other connective sourcing, Zenmate VPN produced speeds on par with that of a regular internet connection. The ability to keep production levels high while working with outside sources marks for this company to be a great fit for users all over the globe.

Additional Features 

Some of the importance in production relies heavily on secondary features. Pop-up blocking is a key component that is often left off the policy inclusion of a VPN. This is no different for the privatized software offered through Zenmate, but the company does come with a separate function that reduces pop-ups and blocks advertisements. While this feature is tied to the brand, it does require an additional download to produce. Zenmate is also very strict when it comes to the logging of content. Most VPN providers will keep a log of user activity to protect their assets. Zenmate works to keep this transparency with their user base by not invading the privacy of others. They do not log any of the user content or searches, providing that sense of security and freedom associated with the power to choose without influence. Zenmate keeps users safe via a consistent operating system that checks for threats. The idea of encrypting data at a high level helps to reduce the threat of outside access. The coding team at Zenmate works to keep consistent levels of focus on these codes, increasing complexity and reducing the threat of outside sourcing. The Zenmate user can rest at ease in knowing their searches will never be monitored by unwanted sources or territories. Zenmate also works great with torrents, creating additional servers to help secure this connectivity platform for users.

After going through the main features and functions of the Zenmate brand, it is clear to see why they are a prime candidate for VPN servicing. Their consistency in streaming protection leaves the user with peace of mind knowing their information is safe, secure, and always connected. Their speeds line up with the national averages associated with public networking, which is a stance that cannot be held by other VPN producers. Secondary features create the positive add-ons needed to increase the base of offerings via this free servicing.

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Extra Features

ZenMate’s apps are flavored with a suite of security tools, such as a kill switch, DNS leak protection as well as malware and tracking protection. Thanks to the “Ever Secure” feature, ZenMate users - particularly iOS and Android users - can be sure their VPN connection will keep running in the background as long as they’re connected, despite their default mobile system behavior which may result in sudden disconnections.


  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 7 Day trial
  • More than 30 countries
  • Access Netflix and BBC iplayer
  • Up to 5 devices

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